Hello, and possibly, if you have seen everything...goodbye!

Since I first saw Edvard Munch's 'The Sick Child' as a fifteen year-old, I have thought about and tried to make artworks reflecting my feelings about life and I have dragged them into being from the core of a rather conventional background, exhibiting paintings very rarely, so I do appreciate it when someone takes an interest in my work. You can always email me directly with any enquiries or comments. If you are collecting my artworks (some people do!) thank you very, very much, your conviction spurs me on!

The drawings and paintings are painstakingly thought and wrought and therefore slow to appear as you can see from these pages. I draw and paint what I feel or what I admire or what fascinates me about people and landscape and human drama but most of all I draw what I want! It is a compulsive, difficult process for me and I am aware of doing what some artists frown upon, being figurative, pictorial, narrative and symbolic. Oh well!

Perhaps you will identify some themes in the work , genuine life-long obsessions, the love of women and a certain fondness for Caspar David Friedrich, G F Watts, Balthus, Sorolla, Hodler, O'Keefe, Hopper, Sargent, De Lempicka, Mucha, Bacon, Picasso, Laura Knight, Alice Neel, Paula Rigo to name just a few shining stars that spring to mind.

Thanks for looking. Come again sometime!

None of the images in my ownership are copyright, do what you like with them! Copyright of images with asterisks on these pages, resides with the owners.  All book content is copyright Edeyrnion Books.

Phil Parker, Erwain, Clawddnewydd, Ruthin, North Wales, LL15 2NA, UK